Respondus Monitor is a proctoring application that uses a lockdown browser and a webcam to assist with the academic integrity of online exams. Respondus is ideally used in non-proctored online test environments.

With Respondus, the test taker downloads a special web browser software onto their computer. From there they are able to launch their exam (i.e. from within Moodle) from this browser. Respondus then locks down their computer. They are unable to leave the exam screen, open up new applications, or new tabs.

Once the test taker enters the exams their webcam will begin to record the student. Suspicious behavior is automatically flagged. Respondus will record student movements and will automatically flag the exam if a student leaves the view, if their eyes wander, or if another person comes into the screen. Instructors can also ask for the webcam to record a student ID, their face, and also an environment scan at the beginning before the test begins.

Upon completion of the exam, the full recording will be available to the instructor in Moodle after processing (this can take a number of hours depending on the length of exam). This allows the instructor to review and determine the integrity of the test takers. For more information:

You can get started using Respondus Monitor with the tutorials below. If you plan to use this product in your course, it must be listed in the course syllabus prior to the first day of class. For assistance with using the product, please contact the IST Service Desk (


Last Updated: June 27, 2018