Kepler Repository

Kepler is an electronic storage and retrieval system used to archive CoAD students’ assignments. Providing them with a web-based portfolio while also feeding longitudinal academic performance studies. Examples from a student’s body of work can ultimately be submitted to accrediting committees. ​

The system works by having each student - both undergraduate and graduate- upload every assignment. This requires the student to perform their own individual self-assessment and consider carefully what will constitute the record of his or her work. Kepler offers the student not only the chance to compose and post a set of final record documents of each project but to compare it in both form and content to other posted projects. This ability to compare one's work with that of their peers galvanizes students to become better designers, raising the bar on the overall quality of work produced at CoAD.

 Access Kepler here.

Last Updated: July 27, 2017