Connecting to NJITguest

Connecting to NJITguest

NJIT provides guests of the university with access to wireless networking services. “NJITguest” is recommended to be used by outside guests and alumni when visiting NJIT. The guest network has a self service portal that will allow for easier access to the Internet. This portal will allow a guest to create a Guest ID which will allow 24 hour access to the “NJITguest” network. Any visitor with access to email and SMS text messages can create an account.

1. To log into the NJIT guest network, select “NJITguest” on the list of available wireless networks. This network has no lock, indicating it is “OPEN” without encryption.

2.  A window will open prompting you to sign in. Users who already have an NJIT UCID or Guest ID account may log in by selecting “Guest Sign On”. Select “Request Guest ID” if you are in need of creating an account.

3. Fill out the required information. Please make sure to include an accurate email and SMS phone number to receive your credentials. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click “Register.”

4.  You will receive an email and text message with your guest account credentials. Enter your Guest ID and password and click “Guest Sign On.” Note: Guest ID is only active for 24 hours.

5.  Accept the use policy for cyber resources and you will be connected to using the network.



Last Updated: August 28, 2018