Accessing AFS

If you are unable to access your account or need to reset your password, please click here.

AFS can be accessed by the following methods (note that VPN is NOT required to access AFS if you are off-campus):

On campus:

Public Computing Labs
You can access the files on your AFS account via the H: drive on the PCs in the Public Computing Labs.

GITC 2400 or 2315c Open Source Linux  Labs
You can access your AFS account by logging in to the Linux computers in the GITC 2400 or 2315c  Labs.

On and off campus:

If you are connecting to AFS from off-campus please click here for more information on how to connect.

OpenAFS Client
The OpenAFS client can be used to natively access files in AFS. Using the OpenAFS Client avoids the need to log in to another host to access those files. For more information please click here.

MobaXterm provides command line and GUI access to your AFS account on a Linux host from a Windows host, as well as the ability to transfer files between your computer and your AFS account using SFTP or SCP. MobaXterm supports other features. Go to the software download page to get the latest version of MobaXterm,

If you are using Mac OS X click here  for installation instructions.

Accessing AFS on Ubuntu (Linux)

For instructions about accessing AFS on Ubuntu please click here.

Last Updated: November 8, 2018