Access to Wired and Wireless Network


Wireless Network: Wireless access is available across campus. Mobile devices are required to authenticate for complete access. Guest access is also available. (more info)

Public Network Ports: Public network ports, for use with a wired connection available throughout the campus. (more info)

Residence Halls: Every residence hall student has high-speed access to the NJIT network. (more info)

Office Network: Faculty and staff can connect to the NJIT network from their office using high-speed wired ports. (more info)

Telephone and Voicemail: NJIT provides voice and telephone services for all faculty and staff. You will receive a personal telephone extension and a personal voice mailbox. (more info)


Broadband: A broadband service provider is required if you plan to access the NJIT Network from off-campus using a cable or other high-speed vendor. (more info)

VPN: Certain network services are only accessible from on-campus. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection allows you to "virtually" connect your off-campus computer to the on-campus NJIT Network. (more info)

Last Updated: August 24, 2017