ProctorU will enable your students to schedule and take individually proctored exams from a remote location.

Faculty: Contact the Digital Learning ( to get information how to create an account. 

NJIT ProctorU Faculty Guide.pdf

Students: For instructions how to setup an account, requirements, FAQs, and tutorials go here.

Prior to beginning the examination, the proctor will ask the student to: present a photo ID, take a photo for our records, verify their identification through a public records based quiz, pan their webcams 360-degrees in order to assess the security of the testing location, and look at the student's monitor to ensure there are no notes present. To learn more about the services they provide, visit our NJIT ProctorU portal. Please feel free to review the ProctorU Test Taker Handout so that you can have a better understanding of what your students will go through while taking an exam.

Please note that your students are asked to pay for the duration of the exam in which they are being proctored. Additionally, please provide clear guidelines to your students about how they should take the exam and what is permitted. For example, if your exam is 90-minutes in duration and ends at 1:00p.m. EST on 10/1/17, they should be asked to schedule and begin the exam no later than 11:30a.m. EST on 10/1/17. You can also use these guidelines as an example or template for your unique exam guidelines.

In order to ensure that your exam is proctored through this service, please password protect your exams in order to prevent students from taking unsupervised exams. Setting up the exam on ProctorU’s portal requires an extensive amount of information; this information can be filled out with an instructional staff member during a meeting or via filling out this document and sending it to an instructional staff member at

Note: Should a student need special accommodations, please contact directly with the special criteria that applies to the student.

Last Updated: November 19, 2018