Faculty Computers

The Information Services & Technology (IST) Faculty Computer Distribution Program aims to provide one computer for the general, day-to-day responsibilities of the faculty and instructional staff, consistent with their discipline.  Computers for administrative, research and support staff as well as part-time faculty and adjuncts are budgeted locally and not supported by this program. Computer requests are made to the Associate Provost's Office by academic department chairs through the Technology Support Center. The department chairs will be sent a list of faculty eligible for computer at the beginning of distribution process.

Computer Models for Fall 2015



Details & Recommended Uses


12.5" Lightweight (3.5 lbs) Teaching Notebook

Recommended for faculty who frequently travel, give PowerPoint presentations, prefer using a computer to take notes, and/or require a touchscreen interface. This model is not recommended for daily use of resource-intensive applications such as ProEngineer, MATLAB, Adobe Premier, etc.


14" Medium-weight (4.7 lbs) Teaching/Resource-intensive Hybrid Notebook

Recommended for faculty who frequently teach using live-demos of and/or occasionally use resource-intensive apps such as ProEngineer, MATLAB, and Adobe Premier.


15.6" Heavy-weight (5.6 lbs) Resource-intensive Workstation Notebook

Designed to provide the high-end computing power of a desktop in a portable, albeit heavy, form-factor. It is configured for regular use of ProEngineer, MATLAB, and similar applications. We strongly encourage access to a secondary lightweight device for presentations and travel (secondary devices are not provided as part of this program).

Non-standard models

We understand that some faculty may prefer a Mac, or other non-standard computer. Macs can be provided on request but we have found they are generally more expensive than the standard models, and may require departmental funding to cover the difference. Android and iOS touchscreen devices (iPads, Galaxy Note Tablets, etc.) have not been shown to remain viable as primary computing devices that will last for 3-years.

The goal of this program is to provide computers for the general, day–to–day responsibilities of the faculty and instructional staff, consistent with their discipline. Faculty with specialized computer needs for research should continue to look for funding through other means.

Questions can be sent directly to faculty-pc@njit.edu.


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Last Updated: June 26, 2015