University Computing ID (UCID)

​​The UCID is a single university-wide identifier, which, along with your UCID password, serves as your credentials for most computing services on and off-campus. It is the key to your NJIT Campus Directory entry and will give you access to Highlander Pipeline, the campus portal. The UCID serves as your login account (or username) for most systems, but some passwords are still maintained separately. These differences are summarized in the Account Summary Table shown below.

All members of the NJIT community should create a UCID. Students cross-registering from Rutgers and ECC students who are enrolled in NJIT courses are eligible for a UCID as well.

When you create a UCID, you will also be given a default NJIT email account. The email system for staff, faculty, students, and alumni is Webmail by Google .

Your email address will be in the form:

You may create a UCID if you are:

  • An accepted student.
  • A new faculty or staff member, once your completed paperwork has been processed by the Office of Human Resources.
  • A first-time:
    • adjunct instructor,
    • visiting research scholar,
    • temporary employees,
    • external consultant,

    having completed paperwork at the Office of Human Resources may be authorized to self-create a UCID. If you cannot self-create your UCID, please contact the Service Desk.
  • NJIT alumni can create a UCID by following these special instructions.
  • NJIT UCID request form for adjunct instuctor, visiting research scholar, temporary employee, external consultant, etc.

Special UCID Information for International Students

Check to see if you have a UCID

  1. Go to the Campus Directory Search site.
  2. Enter your first and last name in the search field.
  3. Click the "Search" button. If you are listed in the directory, you have a UCID.
  4. Click on your entry in the "Name" column.
  5. Your UCID will appear in the field labeled "UCID:"

If you are not in the Campus Directory, you must create a UCID and complete your directory entry.

User Name
Campus Directory
UCID Password
Highlander Pipeline
UCID Password
Webmail by Google
UCID Password
UCID Password
UCID Password
UCID Password
Highlander AFS
Highlander AFS Password
Academic Windows
Academic Windows Password
NJITDM Password

UCID Support Page

Last Updated: November 12, 2018