NJIT Software

​​IST provides and maintains access to an extensive list of software available for Windows, Solaris, Linux, MAC OS, and IRIX:

  • Campus Computing Sites - Software may be available in NJIT public computing sites or departmental computing sites and must be used in those facilities on those machines only. For information on how to request software for a campus computing lab please click here.
  • Highlander AFS - Highlander AFS is NJIT’s implementation of the Andrew File System, a distributed computing environment comprised of multiple file and database servers and several hundred Unix, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh client computers. AFS provides a very broad spectrum of both commercial and open source application software, compilers, and utilities. If your workstation is an AFS-client computer, you may be able to run software compatible with your platform without having to install it on your computer. If your workstation is not an AFS client, you may  be able to  run an X-Windows terminal session and connect to one of many public AFS clients and run the software on that machine.
  • Van Houten Library - CD’s with many software titles are available to borrow from the library and the software may be installed on your local machine. Titles vary by platform and by license agreement. License keys must be obtained online in some cases. 
  • Big Data Analytics - NJIT's University Computing Systems group, Technology Support Center group, along with the Core Systems group are exploring methods to leverage the existing enterprise-wide VMWare infrastructure to provide Hadoop clusters to the NJIT academic and research communities.
  • Microsoft Azure - Azure cloud services such as Web Apps, MySQL, WordPress, and more.
  • Free Software - A list of free software made available for download by the developers. Software listings for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Open Source Software - A list of open source software made available for download by the developers. Software listings for Windows and Mac OS.

All software may only be installed and activated on one computer. Multiple activations and sharing of the software and / or product key are not permitted.

Please review the Acceptable Use Policy for Cyber Resources before downloading software. If you are downloading a Microsoft product, please review the MSDN Documentation as well.

Last Updated: July 11, 2016