Password Reset Tools

The following tools can be used to manage your NJIT passwords. If you have a problem please contact the IST Service Desk (

General Password Tools

Password Reset Tools Description Systems
Global Password Change

Use this website if you know your UCID password

Unattended Password Reset (UPR) Use this website if you forgot your UCID password but know your security questions

IST Service Desk 

Call the IST Service desk to reset your password using your NJIT-ID number and NJIT Photo ID Card number (more info)


Database Password Tools

Tools Description Systems
Check Database Password Use this website to verify you have the correct password for your database
Database Password Reset Use this website to reset your database password


Alumni Password Reset Tools

Password Reset Tool Description Systems

Change UCID password

Use this website if you know your UCID password
  •  Alumni e-mail account
  • Alumni Portal
  • Highlander Pipeline

Unattended Password Reset (UPR)


Use this website if you forgot your UCID password but know your security questions



Last Updated: July 20, 2018