Link Webpages to a Research Directory

Some users may need more space for their public_html files than the space provided in their login (home) directory. If these users have access to a research or course directory, the following steps will use that directory to store their public_html files, while retaining the URL

In the example below, it is assumed that the symbolic link "research" (pointing to the user's research directory) exists in the user's login directory. Enter the following commands on a Linux AFS client:

mv ~/public_html ~/public_html.orig
mkdir ~/research/public_html
fs sa ~/research http l
ln -s ~/research/public_html ~/public_html
/usr/afsws/bin/fs sa ~/public_html http rl
cd ~/public_html.orig
tar cf - . | (cd ~/research/public_html; tar xpf -)
/bin/rm -rf ~/public_html.orig

A similar procedure would be used for a course directory.

Last Updated: June 29, 2017