Cisco Unity Voicemail

The campus voicemail system, Cisco Unity Connection, allows you to manage your voicemail messages, greetings, and settings on the Web as well as over the phone. Cisco's Unity Connection Voicemail system is a new service that provides greater integration with the faculty and staff campus email system and offers the ability to retrieve messages via your phone or your email.

Voicemail Instructions and Shortcut Keys.

Voicemail Functions

​​New message indicators

The solid red light on your handset indicates that you have a new voicemail message.

Voicemail through email

Cisco Unity sends user voicemail to their primary email address in addition to the their phone. Please note that the red light for a new message will not disappear after listening to a voicemail message from email. In order to remove the red light notification, users will need to access voicemail from their phone to delete it, as described below:

Accessing Your Voicemail

  • On-campus from your phone: Press the Message button  or dial "1000".

  • On-campus from another phone: Press the Message button or dial "1000" and then press the asterisk (*) key.​

  • Off-campus: Dial 973-596-5500.

Listening to Voicemail Messages

  • Follow the steps for Accessing Your Voicemail (above).
  • Enter your PIN number and press the (#) key.
    • Press 1 to hear new messages
    • Press 2 to send a message
    • Press 3 to review old messages
  • Follow the prompts to listen to and manage your messages. 
    •    Press 1 to repeat message
    •    Press 2 to save message
    •    Press 3 to delete message
    •    Press 4 to reply message
    •    Press 5 to forward message
    •    Press 6 to mark as new
    •    Press 7 to skip back (Rewind ten seconds)

Setting Your Greeting and Password

When you first log into the Cisco Unity Voicemail system, you will be prompted to set a personal greeting and customized password. 

  • Step 1: Follow the steps for Accessing Your Voicemail (above).
  • Step 2: When prompted to enter your PIN, enter the number provided by the Telecom department, followed by the pound (#) key.
  • Step 3: A self-enrollment procedure will prompt you to:
    • Record your name
    • Record a greeting
    • Set up a new PIN (this number needs to be six digits long and cannot be consecutive numbers in predictable sequence)
  • Step 4. Wait until you hear “you have finished enrollment,” then hang up to finalize your personal greeting and password.


Voicemail Shortcut keys

Last Updated: June 29, 2017