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Research Guest Accounts


Disk Quota


New Accounts

Apply for an AFS account.

Account Removal

AFS accounts are removed approximately 30 days into the first Fall or Spring semester that the account owner is no longer associated with NJIT.

NJIT alumni/ae are entitled to a email account. However, their AFS account is removed as noted above.

  • Upon AFS account removal :
    • The user's AFS account is archived to tape and then physically removed from the system; the archive is accessible for up to 12 months after account deletion.
    • The user cannot log in to any AFS machine using his/her UCID
    • The user's Website (<ucid> ) is no longer valid
  • NOTE 1: The removal of an AFS account does not affect the <ucid> email-for-life address - that address remains valid and in effect. (Some users know this address as AFS account removal also does not affect access to Highlander Pipeline (

  • NOTE 2: Users whose AFS accounts have been removed, and who subsequently return to NJIT, must apply for a new AFS account. If the user wants access to the contents of his/her previous AFS account, please send that request to Such requests made more than one year after account removal cannot be honored.

Research Guest Accounts

AFS guest accounts are available for researchers' collaborators. Only NJIT faculty and staff can request such accounts. Contact to request.


All machines managed by A&RCS are AFS clients. AFS is the central academic file system at NJIT, with about 25 TB of used disk space as of March 2015. In addition to giving users the same filespace independent of which AFS client the user is logged into, AFS allows the central management -- including making available a broad spectrum of software applications -- of over a thousand machines. A&RCS is dependent on this centralization to fulfill its management responsibilities; it does not have the resources to manage machines on an individual basis.

Disk Quota

Additional Disk Quota for Research

Faculty with on-going research projects may request space in AFS for those projects. This space is assigned in the /afs/cad/research area. Please send such requests to

Additional Disk Quota for Courses

Additional disk quota for course work is provided for by a "course directory", which should be requested by the course instructor for his/her entire class, via mail to -- details follow.

Each user in the student list sent by the instructor (use the format at the end) will have access to a course directory of sufficient quota for the needs of that course, and reserved exclusively for that user (no other user can insert a file, or modify a file, in that directory). The default AFS permissions are that no other user can read files in the assigned directory; however, the instructor can request read access to the directory for him/herself, or for everyone -- see request form at the end.

The instructor will be given the mapping of user name to course directory assigned to that user. The user's course directory is in addition to and separate from the user's home (login) directory.

In order to do course-related work, the user should change to his/her course directory. A symbolic link will be in each user's home directory to make it easy for the user to change to the course directory.

(To find out the full path of the course directory, the user can type "ls -l " in his/her home directory, or "pwd" when in the course directory; this might show that the directory assigned to that particular user is, for example, /afs/cad/courses/me403/14. "14" is the /afs/cad/courses/me403 subdirectory assigned to that particular user).

A user can always "cd" directly to his/her assigned course directory; "cd " in the user's home directory is only a convenience.

One week after the last day of finals, the user's access to his/her course directory will be removed, and those directories will be archived to tape and then purged. The tape archive of those directories will be available up to 6 months after they are purged.

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