Windows Accounts

All Windows PC's must be in a Microsoft Windows Domain to help promote a safe and secure computing environment. When you login into Windows you have to specify the domain - Academic (for students) or NJITDM (for faculty and staff).

Academic Windows is the primary Microsoft Windows environment for students. If you use PCs in any of the public computing sites, you must obtain an Academic Windows account to authenticate as an NJIT student. Your UCID will be the Academic Windows username; however, Academic Windows passwords are maintained separately from the UCID password. The Academic Windows environment provides access to a large library of Windows-based software in the public computing sites.

Windows PCs in most of the public computing sites on campus are AFS clients. You may have direct access to your Highlander AFS files by entering your Highlander AFS password when using the AFS client. This will give you direct drag and drop support for your AFS directory. Click here for more info.

An Academic Windows account was automatically created during the UCID creation process.

Academic Windows Support Page

NJITDM is the primary Microsoft Windows domain for faculty and staff. If you are going to use PCs on campus, you must obtain a NJITDM account to authenticate as a NJIT faculty/staff member.

Your UCID will be your NJITDM user name. However, NJITDM passwords are maintained separately from the UCID password.

If you do not have an NJITDM account, please contact the IST Service Desk (

NJITDM Support Page

Last Updated: November 8, 2018