Windows 8 Launch Information

IST's Position on Windows 8

Information Services & Technology (IST) has released Windows 8 to the NJIT academiccommunity as of July 1, 2013 for academic/research purposes only. Windows 8 should not yet be used as a primary operating system. As with all MSDNAA/Dreamspark licensed software, support for Windows 8 will only be available from Microsoft. Note: IST is performing extensive testing on Windows 8 for administrative use. Administrative departments should continue to use Windows 7 until notified otherwise.

Pre-Installation Information

Before you consider installation, you should determine the following:

Whether or not personal programs on the computer are Windows 8 compatible.
Whether you have the original install media and licenses, (CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, etc) for all personal programs.

Note about Anti-Virus Software: At this time, Windows 8 is only compatible with McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8, offered on the IST Software Download Website. When you begin the Windows 8 installation process, you will be given two installation options: "clean" and "upgrade". NJIT strongly recommends clean installations of Windows 8. A clean installation of Windows 8 will remove all programs, data, documents, pictures and files from your computer, and replace your operating system with Windows 8. "Upgrade" installations are not available for users with Windows XP or Vista. "Upgrade" installations from Windows 7 will not be supported by NJIT due to the high likelihood of unexpected data loss and compatibility issues.

Windows 8 Requirements

Windows 8 on a non-touch-enabled PC has similar requirements to Windows 7. Many NJIT computers used in offices and for general administrative purposes may not meet the hardware compatibility requirements for Windows 8, or only do so marginally. The best way to check your system specifications is to use the Direct X System Diagnostic Tool. This website will explain how to use Direct X to view your current system hardware information and compare it with the requirements listed below.

Minimum Requirements to install Windows 8 on an NJIT PC:
Institutional computers are to be purchased as outlined here. Contact the Purchasing department at x5789, for information about the Dell-NJIT website. The system requirements are:


Minimum: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo
Recommended: 2GHz 2nd generation “Sandy Bridge” Core i5 or better


Minimum: 2GBs
Recommended: 4GBs or greater, with room for expansion

Video Card

Minimum: Intel HD 4000 series (if at least 4GBs RAM), or 256MB dedicated card supporting DirectX 10
Recommended: 1GB or greater dedicated card supporting DirectX 10 from AMD

Hard Drive

Minimum: 120GB Serial-ATA with at least 20GB free
Recommended: 250GB Serial-ATA with at least 40GB free

Multi-touch enabled touch screen or trackpad strongly recommended to take full advantage of Windows 8 features
Media drives: DVD-ROM, DVD/CD-Writer recommended
USB: USB 2.0
PC MUST pass the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant test without ANY issues.

Support for Microsoft Windows 8

IST has gathered various resources and support information for Windows 8. A list of both NJIT and Microsoft links for Windows 8 can be found at the bottom of this page. Please Note: Windows 7 will continue to remain the standard for the foreseeable future due to the difficult learning curve presented with Windows 8.

Purchasing Microsoft Windows 8

Do not buy Windows 8. All students and faculty enrolled at the time Windows 8 is released to the NJIT community will be licensed for a copy of Windows 8. IST is performing extensive testing on Windows 8 for administrative use. Until it is released for administrative daily use, users should continue to use Windows 7.

NJIT Links for Windows 8

Windows 8 FAQs

Microsoft links for Windows 8:

Meet Windows 8
Upgrading to Windows 8
Windows 8 How-To

For general information not regarding the installation or support of Windows 8 at NJIT, contact the IST Service Desk at (973) 596-2900.

Last Updated: August 25, 2017