Updating Minitab License

Minitab license is renewed annually.​

Please follow the steps below to update your license file for Minitab (versions 16 & 17)​:


1. Download current Minitab license file from http://ist.njit.edu/software/download.php and unzip minitab.lic file.

2. Save the new license file to your desktop (C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\). 

           Note: If you do not save the file as minitab.lic, your license will not  work.

3. Launch Minitab. The program should open a window called "Minitab Multi-User License Utility - Find License".

4. In that window, click the radio button next to "Specify the License File". Click the Browse... button and navigate to the file location of the license file your downloaded in step 1 and click on that file.  If you saved the license file in your Desktop use :C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\ (replace "USERNAME" with your user name).

5. Click OK.  Minitab should finish launching and will now run normally.

         Note: Please do not delete the license file from your desktop. If you delete Minitab will not start.

Last Updated: August 28, 2017