Storage Space

Each student, faculty member and staff member receives 1 GB of AFS disk space. The space is accessible on Linux and Mac OS X computers as /afs/cad/... and on Windows computers as the H-drive. Additional space is available for courses and research.

Note: Once a student is no longer matriculated at NJIT, they no longer have access to AFS disk space.

Linux and Mac OS X Access

Access to files and directories in AFS is done as if they are local

Windows Access

To access this H-drive from an on-campus Windows-based NJIT Domain (academic/ or njitdm/) computer, log into your account and open "My Computer". To access this storage space from an off-campus computer, use MobaXterm from the software download page.

For additional information about storage space available to students please click here.

Note about Web Hosting: The location of your personal webspace in AFS is :

  • Linux and Mac OS X : the public_html directory in your home directory
  • Windows : the public_html folder in your H-drive
For more information about webhosting, click here.

Your AFS disk space is backed up daily. An online backup of your files as of the previous day is automatically available. A directory named BACKUP-AFS.ACCOUNT is located in your home directory, containing the previous day's files.

Instructions on using OpenAFS to create an "H-drive" on machines off-campus, or not on the NJIT Domain can be found here.

Last Updated: August 25, 2017