Printing (Computing Lab)

Konica and Xerox printers/copiers are available in most NJIT public computing labs (Library, Student Mall, Weston Hall, GITC). You can send print jobs to these labs and pick up printed pages at any time within a four-hour window, after four hours the print job will be deleted.  
You must associate your UCID and password with the Konica/Xerox printers to print from any public computing labs.

An NJIT user account (Windows or Linux AFS) is required to gain access to the computers in the public computing sites (Student Mall, Library, GITC).

Please be considerate of the environment when printing. Print only what is necessary and print double-sided when possible. Public computing facility printing is reviewed with an eye towards being environmentally responsible. Patterns out of the norm may be inquired about. Please address any questions to the IST Service Desk (

Last Updated: May 21, 2019