National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) - Week # 3

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) - Week # 3 - 2017-10-18

Welcome to the third week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This week we will be diving into password security.

Internet criminals know that most people use the same password for multiple accounts. If they figure out the password to your personal email account, and you use that same password for your bank account or other accounts with sensitive information, they will have the ability to breach multiple accounts – and they will!

It is in your best interest to create unique and complex passwords for your different accounts – even if it takes more on your part to remember them.

If you have trouble recalling passwords, consider storing them in an encrypted password safe such as KeePass, PasswordSafe, LastPass or Dashlane.

Here are three simple steps for creating unique and complex passwords:

The longer the password, the harder it is to crack. Consider a 12-character password or longer.
Avoid names, places, and dictionary words.
Mix it up. Use variations on capitalization, spelling, numbers, and punctuation.

For more password Do’s and Don’ts visit

Here is a short one minute video tutorial on how to make strong passwords

In case you missed us today come visit us in the Campus Center again on October 26th 10am-2pm with any questions regarding Cyber Security. There will be giveaways. Also stop by to take a quiz to win a prize.

Cyber security is our shared responsibility, Always STOP, THINK before you click or respond to any type of electronic communication.

Last Updated: November 9, 2018