Fall 2019 Models

​What are the advantages of purchasing a computer through the NJIT vendor?

The Technology Support Services (TSS) provides both hardware and software support for models purchased through NJIT’s chosen vendor. Certified technicians can diagnose and repair original hardware and NJIT-licensed issues to the extent permitted by each license for these computers at no additional cost to the student so long as the warranty is current and active.

For hardware issues, our relationship with our vendor allows us to order and install warranty replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.
By default, this does not include accidentally damaged parts, but you have the option to add this coverage at the time of purchase.
For software issues, our technicians will provide assistance for problems encountered during installation of NJIT-licensed software to the extent permitted by each license. Students are ultimately responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their own computer.

​CoAD Students: Required Desktop Computer

Freshman and transfers entering the College of Architecture and Design (CoAD) are required to purchase a specific desktop model and keep it in the Design studio. Students are assigned a personal desk with lockable storage space, access is available 24 hours per day during the academic semester and the machine will have access to the current NJIT licensed design tools.*

If your major is...

You must buy a computer...

Architecture before entering your first year.
Art + Design before entering your second year.

* The design software licensed to NJIT CoAD students cannot be deployed to student-owned notebook computers.

CME Students: Required Notebook Computer

The Otto H. York Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering requires incoming first-year students to purchase a Lenovo ThinkPad notebook for use in and outside of the classroom. The Fall 2019 model will be available for purchase in late June. 

Last Updated: April 11, 2019