A Networked Campus, A Networked World

NJIT's 21st century digital campus includes more than 23,000 wired network connections across 38 buildings, and a network of over 8000 wireless devices simultaneously accessing over 1500 wireless access points. These networks provide access to servers, storage arrays, a large software library, and other IT services within the NJIT Cloud, enabling students to immerse themselves in design, discovery, simulation and modeling, and research questions previously inaccessible. Advances in telecommunications, multimedia, learning management system, and other technologies enhance our cyberinfrastructure and in turn, information and course delivery. Students participate in learning whether it be in a lab or classroom on campus or on-line, independent of time or place, creating a converged learning space.

With connectivity to and as a member of NJEDge.Net - NJ state-wide research and education network, students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty and researchers as new families of advanced applications and technologies are explored and developed.

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Last Updated: April 8, 2016