Lab Reservation Request (NJIT Faculty and Staff ONLY)

This process applies to reservation requests made by NJIT faculty and staff for the following general-use computing facilities. Note: All reservations tied to courses go thru the academic departments.

  • Student Mall Room 36 (PC Lab - 29 seats)
  • Student Mall Room 37 (PC Lab - 29 seats)
  • Student Mall Room 39 (PC Lab - 29 seats)
  • Student Mall Room 40 (PC Lab - 29 seats)
  • GITC 2302 (PC Lab - 35 seats)
  • GITC 2305 (Stabile Lab - 36 seats)
  • GITC 2315c (Sun Lab - 25 seats)
  • GITC 2301 (Open Source Lab)
  • GITC 2400 (Open Source Lab - 26 seats)

How to Request a Reservation of a Computer Lab

Note: Lab reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority given to NJIT academic courses. If your reservation request is for an academic course meeting all semester, please see your department administrator for further information. You can not process an academic full semester reservation through this process. 


  1. Provide ALL of the following information. Any missing information may delay the reservation request.
    • Your name and department
    • Your contact information: phone number and email address
    • Dates and times for your reservation
    • Frequency:  One time, Weekly etc (eg: Sat from 10am to 12pm; Every Mon from 1pm to 2pm…etc)
    • Room number (if you are interested in a specific lab)
    • Number of seats needed
    • Any special software requests
  2. Submit the information to the IST  Service Desk at 973.596.2900. Your request will be logged and you will receive an incident number for your request. Please note that your request is NOT confirmed until you receive an email from the Computing Lab Reservationist. Feel free to contact the IST Service Desk with your incident number to check on the status of your request if you have not received an email within a week of your request.

Note: Reservations are not final until a confirmation has been provided.

Last Updated: August 25, 2016