Cisco VPN Client for Windows


Before installation, you must download the VPN Client for Windows by clicking here and selecting Windows from the list.


  1. After having downloaded the Cisco VPN Client from the NJIT software site, locate the file vpnclient-win-msi- and double-click it.  Depending on your security settings, the window (see below) may appear.  If the window (below) does appear, simply click the Run button.


2. Now, a WinZip Self-Extractor window will appear (see below).  Please click the Unzip button in this window (below).


3. A notification (see below) will appear letting you know that 12 files have successfully been unzipped.  Please click the OK button.


4. Now a window entitled Cisco Systems VPN Client Setup will appear (see below).  This window is the installation wizard.  To continue the installation, please click the Next > button.


5. The License Agreement will now appear (see below).  After having carefully read the terms, if you accept them, please select the option I accept the license agreement.  If you do not agree with the terms of the agreement, please select the option I do not accept the license agreement.  Please click the Next > button.


6. Now it is time to choose a destination folder where the Cisco VPN Client is to be installed (see window below).  It is suggested that you leave the path as the default setting (if you change the path, do so at your own risk and you are on your own).  Please click the Next > button to proceed with the installation.


7. In the current window (see below), click the Next > button to begin copying the necessary files to your hard drive.


8. Now the install wizard will begin to update your system (see below).  A progress bar will begin to fill up with blue; please be patient, this should take about 5 minutes depending on the speed of your machine.  Please wait for the progress bar to fill up entirely - you will automatically be brought to the next window.


9. The Cisco VPN Client for Windows has now been successfully installed (see below).  Please click the Finish button to complete the installation.


10. You will now be prompted to restart your computer.  If you wish to do so, please click the Yes button; if you do not wish to restart now, please click the No button.  (NOTE: YOU MUST RESTART YOUR COMPUTER TO HAVE THE CISCO VPN CLIENT TO TAKE FULL EFFECT.)


1.Please click the Start button, then go to All Programs or Programs, then locate Cisco Systems VPN Client, then click on VPN Client. (See below)


2. Now the VPN Client window will appear (see below).  To create a new connection, please click the New button.


3. This will invoke a window entitled VPN Client | Create New VPN Connection Entry.  Make sure the authentication type is Group Authentication.  If that option is not select, please select it.

- Connection Entry = NJITVPN
- Description = Academic NJIT VPN Connection
- Host =

For students, use these settings:
- Name = acad
- Password = acad

For faculty or staff, use these settings:
- Name = admin
- Password = admit

Please fill out the fields appropriately (see above list for values, and below image for layout).  Once you have done so, please click the Save button.


4. Now your newly created profile will appear in the list of the main Cisco VPN Client window (see below).  To connect to the NJIT VPN, select the profile entitled NJITVPN, then click on the Connect button.


5. You will now be prompted for your UCID and its corresponding password, please fill them out (see below).  Then click the OK button to connect to the NJIT VPN.


6. Providing all the information has been filled out correctly, you will be connected to the NJIT VPN.

Last Updated: August 25, 2017