Beware of Impersonation Attacks - A new form of Internet Fraud

Beware of Impersonation Attacks - A new form of Internet Fraud - 2018-08-02

Have you received an email with any of the following:

Past Due Invoices……
Important Please Read……
Please verify your account…..

The above subject lines are from actual email messages received by members of the NJIT community.

The latest form of internet fraud is being called an impersonation attack. Such messages will appear to be from a legitimate source such as a friend or colleague, your boss and in some cases, even from a high ranking individual in the University. Impersonation attacks ask you to take some action in order to gain access to sensitive information or some financial gain.  Attackers will often register a very similar email domain and create a new email ID using a similar name to the person they’re impersonating. 

Always be cautious of emails asking you to click on links, open documents, or provide your username/password or other personal information.  Remember to hover your mouse over links to reveal their true destination.

You may report malicious emails by forwarding them to  (Please include original email headers too.) Click here for additional information about handling and identifying phishing emails.   

Report spam emails in your Gmail web interface, as seen below.

Cyber security is our shared responsibility, Always STOP, THINK before you click or respond to any type of electronic communication.

Last Updated: October 29, 2018