Alert: Student Employment Scams On The Rise

Every year, scammers prey on college students looking for jobs. As these scams get more sophisticated, it can be difficult to tell the difference between legitimate and fake job opportunities. No matter who they come from, always look for the following signs:

Warning Signs of Online Job Scams:

  • Offering a job that you did not apply for
  • Job offer sent from a personal email account (@gmail or @yahoo etc.)
  • Sending you a check to cash and then requesting you forward the money to a third party
  • Asking during the application process for personal information, like your social security number or date of birth, that could be used to steal your identity
  • Requesting that you wire money or provide financial information
  • Requiring you to pay for a credit report or training
  • Guaranteeing a job in return for completing a form (phishing or malware scam)

Staying Cyber Safe and Secure:

Last Updated: July 22, 2019