SPSS 24 and 25 Installation Instructions for Mac

 You must be connected to the NJIT VPN when installing and running this software off campus. Software must be installed on an account with administrative privileges or have the administrator password available when you install. NJIT Virtual Private Networking (VPN) operate by default in a "split" tunnel mode while connecting to the NJIT network. If you have a problem connecting to the license, change it to the "full" tunnel by selecting Group: "Full_tunnel" while logging in to the http://vpn.njit.edu.

Please follow the instructions below to install SPSS version 24 or 25:

1. Download software from NJIT website http://ist.njit.edu/software/download.php.

2. Double Click the downloaded file: SPSS_Statistics_24_mac.dmg  or SPSS_Statistics_25_mac_silent.dmgand then double-click SPSS_Statistics_Installer icon.


3. Choose language and click Next.

4. Click Next.

5. Accept Software License Agreement and click Next.

6. Choose Yes if you want to install Essentials for Python then click Next.

7. Accept License Agreement then click Next.

8. Accept License Agreement then click Next.

9. Click Next.

10. SPSS is installing...

11. Click Done when finished.


If License manager window opens after installation please follow instructions below to connect to the server.

1. Click on Next.

2. Choose Concurrent User License.


3. Enter the server name: ucslic2.ucs.njit.edu then click Next.

You should see a similar window. Your software is now licensed and ready to use.


Last Updated: June 1, 2018