AFS Password Information

Make AFS password same as UCID passwordMake AFS password same as UCID password

The AFS password is used to access any AFS space that the user has permission to access, including your AFS home directory, which contains your web page, research directories, and any high performance computing (HPC) clusters and other HPC resources to which the user has access. The AFS password works from all platforms : Linux, MacOSX, Windows, and others.

Password Expiration

A user's AFS password expires 120 days after it was last reset. When a user's AFS password expires, that user no longer has access to his/her AFS account. However, the user still has 30 days after the date of password expiration in which to change the password (i.e., a 30-day grace period), and regain access to the account.

Notifications of AFS Password Expiration

Check your AFS Password Expiration Date

Password Reset

This process assumes that you have an AFS account. All NJIT faculty, staff, and students are issued an AFS account when the UCID and Windows domain accounts are issued. Note :Alumni usually do not have AFS access. There are several ways to recover your AFS password, shown below in order of easy to complicated:

Option Action

What it does

Make AFS password same as UCID password

The UCID password grants you access to Highlander Pipeline including student email, and many other services.

If you know your UCID password, you can use this to make your AFS password the same.

2 Make other passwords the same as current UCID password This changes all of your system passwords to the same as your UCID without picking a new password for UCID.
3 Make all passwords the same with new UCID password This changes all of your passwords to the same value, so you don't need to remember multiple passwords for different accounts.
4 Make all passwords the same without UCID password Same as above (changes AFS, Windows Domain, and UCID), even if you forgot your UCID password.

Please contact the IST Service Desk if none of these choices work or further explanation is required.

Unlock or unblock my account

If you are sure your password is correct and can't log in, or if you changed that password within the past 15 minutes and still can't log in, then your account might be locked. AFS passwords are locked out for 30 minutes if there are too many repeated login failures.

AFS account passwords are unlocked when you change your password, but it is possible that it would promptly become locked if something constantly uses the old password, such as an email client (Thunderbird or Exchange).

Login Problem Due to Being Over Quota

If the system seems to accept your login, but then promptly kicks you out, then you might be over quota. You may be able to log in by not using a graphical user interface, as follows :

On a Linux computer, select "Session" on the login screen, then "Failsafe Terminal".
On a Windows computer, click "Options" on the login screen, then "Command Line Login".

The system will always show your disk quota when you login. To logout enter "exit".



Last Updated: February 26, 2019