Websites for Departments and Organizations

NJIT provides multiple options for an electronic presence (E-presence) for organizational websites for departments, student organizations, Greeks, and other affiliated organizations.

  • NJIT Google Groups – an easily manageable email list
  • NJIT Google Sites – web page creation with drag-n-drop ease
  • AFS web space – an area for the creation of a student organization website from the ground up with advanced options (only for sanctioned student organizations)
  • NJIT on Facebook – an NJIT specific area of Facebook that allows you to create a page (called a “discussion”) within Facebook’s NJIT area that is dedicated to your student organization 

Information about E-presence collaboration tools:

  • Student organizations, old or new, should consider becoming sanctioned by the GSA, Student Senate, or Inter Fraternity & Sorority Council (IFSC).
    • Advantages:
    • Non-sanctioned organizations must use a longer and less-friendly URL and email address and cannot request AFS web space.
  • Sanctioned or not, however, ANY NJIT STUDENT can create a Google Group, Google Site or Facebook Group for themselves or a Senate or GSA club, or a Greek organization.
  • It is important to note that between any of the aforementioned NJIT E-presence solutions (Google Groups, Google Sites, AFS webspace, NJIT on Facebook), no data transfer is possible.
  • There will be privacy and security measures in place like modifying levels of access and controls, which is ideal for student organizations. For example, you may choose to allow the world to view your Google Group, Google Site, or AFS webspace, limit viewing access to only the NJIT community, or limit access to group members only.

For help with any Google E-presence solution, please review the NJIT Google website or look within each E-presence solutions' web HELP link(s). Contact the IST Service Desk ( if you are unable to resolve your issue(s).

To establish desired E-presence, please follow the steps below:

1. Create desired E-presence solution (You can create an E-presence whether or not you plan to be sanctioned, or while you are being sanctioned. Sanctioned organizations can receive vanity addresses that are shorter and easier-to-remember):

2. Get sanctioned by the Student Senate, GSA, or IFSC.

Students that desire to have their new or existing student organization sanctioned must contact Senate, GSA or IFSC for approval.

The following information about the organization administrator and optional "vanity name" must be provided to the Senate, GSA or IFSC representative: 
  • Full name
  • UCID
  • Daytime phone #
  • NJIT email address

NJIT's "vanity addresses" naming conventions:

For the< vanity name> that <name> must be:

3. Your "vanity addresses" (e.g.,,,, and will be issued to the student organization administrator.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2018