WebEx @ NJIT

WebEx is a desktop conferencing system that allows for live, two-way interaction between participants. No specialized software, beyond current versions of JAVA, needs to be installed for this web based application, which allows voice, video, and desktop sharing. The service is compatible with: PC, MAC, iPad, iPhones, and Android and Windows phones. Its applications are nearly endless: online office hours, emergency class meetings, project work, remotely bringing a guest speaker into your class, thesis defenses, etc.

How it works is simple: A ‘Host’ creates the sessions and forwards the web link to the participants. Then all a participant needs to do is to click on the link to enter the session. At a minimum, the host needs a headset/microphone and ideally should also have a webcam. If a participant doesn’t have any of these, they can still communicate via a text chat option. A wired internet connection always works better than Wi­Fi

You will need an account to host a session, but you do NOT need one to participate. NJIT Faculty and Staff are eligible to obtain a host account. Since the number of accounts are limited, each one needs to be individually approved. You may request a WebEx account online or by phone through the IST Service Desk (servicedesk.njit.edu). Please allow 24­-48 hours for your request to be processed.

Once you have your account, you can log into the NJIT WebEx site at njit.webex.com with your NJIT UCID and password. Click on Meeting Center and you are good to go!

WebEx Quick Start.pdf -­ Click here for a quick overview of 'My Meeting Room' as well as other WebEx features.

 How do I Setup a Meeting?.pdf - Click here to view an overview on creating a WebEx Meeting.

Hosting a Meeting.pdf - This document takes the host's perspective for starting and managing the session.

Participating In a WebEx Session.pdf - This link offers detailed directions for the participants in a WebEx meeting, specifically on how to setup the displays and audio connections/options.

Recordings -­ Webex recordings are now automatically uploaded to the Kaltura media repository site under your UCID. Kaltura will perform a conversion and make the recording readily available for streaming through its MoodleRooms integration. If you are not familiar with Kaltura, please email instruction@njit.edu and one of our Instructional Designers will assist you in getting started on that site (Note that there is also a STREAMING and DOWNLOAD version still available on the Webex site; however, those tend to require a great deal of bandwidth and computing resources to manage).

How Do I ......? - These are a series of great short tutorials that WebEx has created, which review various steps & processes of a 'Meeting' in great detail. Select the videos found in the 'Meeting Center' section. Note that for audio connectivity, we predominantly use the 'Integrated VOIP' option.

NJIT WEBEX SITE - njit.webex.com.

NEED HELP/TRAINING? – Go to the IST Service Desk at (servicedesk.njit.edu).

Last Updated: June 27, 2018