Virus and Malware Protection for Faculty and Staff

As of February 2020, virus and endpoint protection is provided to faculty and staff by CrowdStrike. CrowdStrke will be automatically pushed to all computers that are centrally managed by NJIT.  IST will begin pushing out CrowdStrike starting February 4, 2020.

CrowdStrike is able to provide real time threat protection without slowing down background processing (e.g. longer boot up times, poor performance). Unlike legacy antivirus products, CrowdStrike runs in the background and does not appear as an installed application.

The CrowdStrike installation will happen automatically when Windows computers are connected to the NJIT network and the computer is rebooted. Once CrowdStrike is successfully installed McAfee will be removed.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is considered a centrally managed computer? - Any Windows computer that is added to the NJITDM domain. 
  • How do I know whether CrowdStike is installed and running? - Type “Task Manager” into the Windows search bar, click “More details”, and look for “CrowdStrike” under background processes.
  • How do I get CrowdStrike added if it isn’t installed? - If CrowdStrike is not installed on a Windows computer by February 10, 2020 please restart the computer.  If you still do not see CrowdStrike installed please contact the IST Service Desk at      
  • How do I get CrowdStrike added to my Mac? - CrowdStrike will be made available to Mac computers later in the spring semester.    
  • Will CrowdStrike be pushed to off-campus computers connected with VPN? - No. CrowdStrike will not be pushed to off-campus computers even if they are connected with VPN. Please contact the IST Service Desk ( if you need CrowdStrike installed on an NJIT-owned computer that will not be on campus.       
  • Can I install CrowdStrike on my personal computer? - No. We recommend you use Windows Defender which is included as part of Windows 10.    
  • How can I tell whether my computer is joined to the domain? - To check whether your computer is joined to the domain:
    • Type "My Computer” or "This PC" into the search bar, click right mouse button and select “Properties
    • Under the “Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings” section look for for the entry: “Domain:” 
    • If you need your computer added to the domain please contact the IST Service Desk at
Last Updated: February 5, 2020