Telephone Directory

How do I get a new printed Telephone Directory?

The telephone directory is being updated on a regular basis. You can now access a Web Page which provides a printable telephone list. It is generated from the LDAP directory server which is self managed. Visit the NJIT Telephone Directory page and use your Browser's print function to make a printed copy.

How do I access the On-line Telephone Directories?

The On-line Telephone directory is available on ADMIN at the menu prompt. It is also available on any Highlander AFS Computer system at the shell prompt. Just type the command Name and part of a persons name or department. For example entering, name Smith will display all the Directory information for people with "Smith" in their name.

The On-Line Telephone directory is also available on the Web at

How do I report a mistake or notify Telecom of a change?

You can report mistakes or changes to the Help Desk. Call the CSD Help Desk at 973-596-2900 and report official NJIT phone number corrections and updates. You can edit all other information youself. Just go to NJIT Directory Search page at search for your name and follow the directions provided to logon and change your entry.
Last Updated: September 2, 2014