TechSmith Relay

Important Information for TechSmith Relay Users

NJIT has replaced TechSmith Relay, the desktop capture software, with Kaltura CaptureSpace. It has the same functionality as Relay, but features a number of enhancements. These include:

  • Improved editing tools
  • Ability to add titles
  • Hosted in the cloud for enhanced reliability
  • Can record with desktop and webcam simultaneously
  • Integrated with Moodle
  • Machine-generated, automated captions

Your current recordings made in TechSmith Relay will not be affected. You may still use the recording links to share with others. We recommend using Capturespace for all future recordings.

You can access Kalura Capturespace from "My Media" at or directly in Moodle. For tutorials and information about how to use Capturespace, the Kaltura product, and other features of our media repository please visit,

Last Updated: May 21, 2018