Teaching and Learning

Teaching, Learning, and Technology Training

The goal of the Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) group is to improve the quality and accessibility of education at NJIT through the appropriate use of technology and innovating teaching. Year-round workshops and faculty institutes are offered providing not only software training, but also furnish the actual software tools. Through demonstrations, faculty can review products and ideas to be adapted into the classroom. TLT also offers the opportunity for instructors to come together to share ideas, problems, and solutions. (more info)


Technology Support Center Training

The Technology Support Center provides variety of training opportunities to NJIT's faculty, staff and students to learn desktop and business applications. You can browse the list of workshops by type of training or topic. (more info)


Learning & Teaching Management Tools

Learning management tools allow courses to utilize online tools through the Internet in a Virtual Classroom™.  These tools include Highlander Pipeline and Moodle. (more info)


Classroom Support

Instructional Technology and Media Services offers a wide variety of options to enhance the learning experience, ranging from classroom computer use, presentation equipment, to video conferencing solutions. (more info)


Instructional Design

An instructional design team is available to help instructors design both online and traditional face-to-face courses. Instructors can learn how to incorporate distance-learning components into their classrooms. Instructors also have the ability to experiment with new technology to enhance their teaching methods. Please contact the IST Service Desk at 973.596.2900 or at http://help.njit.edu to request a consultation with an Instructional Designer.


Faculty Computers

It is current University policy to provide full-time faculty members with an NJIT Personal Computer. Along with a computer, Technology Support Center provides you with the latest software needed for your academic work including software upgrades. (more info)


Last Updated: August 25, 2016