Macintosh Support at NJIT

Macintosh-based computers have gained considerable popularity among the NJIT community, and IST has recognized the importance of providing support for issues Mac users may experience while using their computers within the NJIT environment. To that end, IST has created this webpage as a central repository for Macintosh-based support at NJIT.

Note: IST does not provide hardware support for Apple computers. If you require hardware support, please contact AppleCare or speak with an Apple employee at your local Apple Retail Store.

Using Macintosh Computers at NJIT

NJIT's campus network is fully compatible with Macintosh computers. Using your Mac, you are able to connect to both the wireless network and the wired network (you need to supply a CAT-5e or better cable) here at NJIT just as you would on a Windows-based machine. Highlander Pipeline is fully compatible with the latest version of Safari, Cisco provides a Mac OS X compatible VPN client for use with NJIT's VPN service, and Mac OS X's built-in command-line SSH and sFTP clients work just fine with NJIT's AFS servers.

Macintosh Software at NJIT

NJIT licenses popular Macintosh software titles for the NJIT community. Among these are Microsoft Office and MathWorks MATLAB, two software titles which are indispensable to NJIT faculty and students. You may view a list of Macintosh compatible software available for use at NJIT here.

Windows Compatibility

Since all currently produced Macintosh computers come with Intel-based processors, the computers are capable of natively running Microsoft Windows. To maximize your compatibility at NJIT, IST recommends you use Apple's Boot Camp to install a version of Windows along side Mac OS X on your Macintosh. For now, please refer to Apple's extensive online support for Boot Camp. Your local Apple Retail Store can also provide assistance with regard to a Boot Camp installation.
Note: Boot Camp requires an Intel-based Macintosh running the latest version of 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), or newer.

Virus Protection for Mac

Please visit Free Mac Software page to download ClamXav, a free virus scanner for Mac OS X for your personally owned Mac.

Purchasing a New Mac

If you are a faculty or staff member, please discuss with your department, if and how the purchase of a Macintosh computer would integrate with NJIT for your use. The Purchasing department can assist with obtaining a quote for a Macintosh computer.

Students should take advantage of Apple's educational pricing, which can offer substantial discounts on Apple hardware.

IST recommends the following minimum hardware for new Macs:

  • 2.0GHz or greater Intel Core i-Series (dual-core or better)
  • 4.0GB RAM
  • 256MB of dedicated video memory (512MB recommended)
  • 250GB HD (128GB for SSD)
  • 160 GB free HD space for Boot Camp with Windows 7
  • DVD +/- RW drive

General Macintosh Support

To get the most out of your Macintosh computer, please utilize the information Apple provides on its website. Apple has launched a video tutorial website called Find Out How. There you can find numerous video tutorials on not only using Mac OS X, but using the software included with your Macintosh as well.

Apple provides free daily informational workshops at many of its retail stores. For more information, click here.

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Last Updated: November 1, 2014