Mobile Devices at NJIT

There are many different types of cell phones, tablets, and personal devices that are popular today. These devices are used to receive email, maintain calendars, text messaging, and  as a telephone. Every individual brand has multiple models, and each model may have different capabilities. This is complicated further by differing software depending on the service provider. For instance, there are several Blackberry models in common use and several different service providers for each model. The proliferation of these devices and the service providers has made it necessary for Technology Support Center to define the level of support we can provide. 

IST prioritizes support for all primary computing devices such as desktop & laptop computers and then support for devices such as phones, tablets, and other personal devices. Mobile device support consists of email, calendar and contact related issues.

Webmail by Google Setup Instructions


  • Different cellular service providers have different standards and practices for cellular devices. We suggest you contact your service provider (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to obtain specific information regarding your device if the instruction links here do not work for your cellular device.
  • Support information for Apple devices can be sought through Apple as well. (
  • You can also contact the IST HelpDesk at (973) 596-2900 if you have difficulty with email on your mobile device.
Last Updated: November 4, 2014