The university provides multiple options to help you access, share, and store your information.

  • The standard network drives available to NJIT staff, faculty and students (P-drive for students departmental network drives).
  • Cloud-based services are intended to help faculty, students and staff create, edit, store and share materials without the hassle of USB drives or email attachments, and working from mobile devices, a PC or a Mac, from anywhere in the connected world.
    • Google Drive (The primary cloud storage solution for NJIT community)
      • Unlimited storage
      • 5 TB file size (for more information please click here)
      • FERPA compliant
      • Google Vault includes Email/Gmail and Docs
      • More about Google Drive.
    • One Drive for Education (Included with Microsoft Office 365, cloud-based collaboration suite similar to Google Apps - Not supported by NJIT). If you don’t have Office 365 for Education account you can create one here. Please enter your NJIT email address to create an account.
      • You can store up to 1TB of data in the cloud
      • 2 GB maximum file size
      • Store HIPAA and FERPA protected data
      • If you delete a file stored in OneDrive, it will be in your OneDrive recycle bin for 30 days. There is no back-up
      • More about One Drive
Last Updated: August 30, 2019