Storage Space available to Students

NJIT provides various computing resources to students to enhance their learning experience.  One of these resources is the ability to save files in network storage locations.  There are two network storage locations (H: drive and P: drive) available to students when they login to any public lab workstation using their UCID. 


The following table shows the differences between the H: drive and the P: drive.

Drive Letter

NJIT System where data is stored


Access from any on-campus lab?

Access from off-campus?

Default “save-to” location for python files?

Data is backed up?



1 GB







500 MB






How do I login? 

  • Select “Student Login” on the introductory screen and click OK
  • Before entering any information make sure "log on to: academic" appears below Username and Password
  • Username:   Enter Your UCID
  • Password:  Enter Your Academic Windows password
  • Once your information is entered, click on the round button with the white arrow to login.

Upon a successful login:

  •  If your passwords are synced (your Academic password is the same as you AFS password), then your H: drive will automatically get mapped and appear in “Computer” and you can begin using it to save files.
  • If your passwords are different then you will be notified with an “integrated login failure” message and you will need to visit and follow instructions to instantly sync your passwords.


If you cannot login to the workstation using your Academic Windows password, then visit to instantly reset your NJIT computing passwords using an online form.


Please visit Storage Space page to obtain instructions on how you can access the H: storage area from any off-campus location.

All questions should be directed to the IST Service Desk (


Last Updated: June 27, 2018