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MATLAB 2011a Student Edition (Mathworks)

Platform: Windows
Category: Applications > Mathematics

Mathematical computing environment and programming language.

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For FAQs, please visit the Matlab FAQ website.
For help, please visit the Mathworks web site.


  • Simulink
  • Bioinformatics Toolbox
  • Communications System Toolbox
  • Control System Toolbox
  • Curve Fitting Toolbox
  • DSP System Toolbox
  • Fixed-Point Toolbox
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox
  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
  • Optimization Toolbox
  • Signal Processing Toolbox
  • SimMechanics
  • Simscape
  • Simulink 3D Animation
  • Stateflow
  • Statistics Toolbox
  • Symbolic Math Toolbox

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Minimum Requirements
Computer/Processor Any Intel or AMD x86 processor supporting SSE2 instruction set
Memory 1 GB 2 GB recommended
Hard Disk 4 GB
Operating System Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
Available to:
  • Students
Installed in the following computing labs:
Installed in the following classrooms:
  • N/A
Installation CD available in Library to Students and Faculty only:
  • No
License Information: Licensed for Students at NJIT
Download Filesize(s):
  • Download #1: 1.5 GB