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Windows 7 Professional (32 bit CA) (Microsoft)

Platform: Windows
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Microsoft Operating System

Campus use only: This software can only be installed on NJIT owned computers

Windows 7 requires a much more powerful computer than Windows XP. Many NJIT computers used in offices and for general purposes may not meet the hardware compatibility requirements for 7, or only do so marginally. The best way to check your system specifications is to use the Direct X System Diagnostic Tool. Information on how to use this tool is located at This website will explain how to use Direct X to view your current system hardware information and compare it with the requirements listed below.

General Information about Windows 7at NJIT is available at


Prior to considering installation, each user should determine the following:

  • Whether or not personal programs on the computer are Windows 7Compatible.
  • Whether you have the original install media, (CDs, DVDs, Floppy Disks, etc) for all personal programs.
NOTE: You must back up all your important data before installing Windows 7. When you begin the Windows 7 Installation process, you will be presented with two installation options: "clean" and "upgrade." Only CLEAN installations of 7 are supported, and a clean installation of 7 will wipe out all of your files (music, documents, pictures, programs, etc.) "Upgrade" installations are not supported due to the high likelihood of unexpected data loss and compatibility issues.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 7, please visit the IST Windows 7 FAQ page.

General information about Windows 7 is available through Microsoft at

Minimum Requirements
Computer/Processor 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 class CPU. Hyper-threading or Core 2 Duo CPU's are STRONGLY recommended. No celeron or duron processors.
Memory 2 GB Minimum, 3 GB STRONGLY recommended
Hard Disk 120GB HD with at least 20 GB free
Operating System N/A
Available to:
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Installed in the following computing labs:
  • Academic Computing Facility
  • Gateway Lab 2302
  • Library Information Commons
License Information: Our Microsoft Licensing Agreement limits us to offering Windows 7 only by download.
Download Filesize(s):
  • Download #1: 2.32 GB

Last Updated: June 29, 2017