Residence Hall, Wireless and Classroom Authentication Information

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NJIT's IST Division Telecommunications and Networking department has activated all ports in the residence halls, Pub, Library, Student Mall and classrooms. Wireless access points are available across campus. Students now have immediate connectivity. However, the network will only function for basic configuration and connectivity. To get regular network access, a user must automatically register their workstation on a timed basis. The workstation will remain registered for 7 days for residence hall users, and 6 hours for mobile and wireless network users.
Users must have a valid University Computing ID (UCID) to authenticate and use a computer on the residence hall network.
The instructions below will explain how to use a browser to authenticate your workstation for use on the NJIT network. The  workstation authentication feature replaces the automatic workstation registration and FW1 authentication clients.

If you have any questions, contact your resident assistant (RA). Residence hall students, as well as mobile and wireless network users, can contact the IST Service Desk at 973.596-2900 or at

Authentication Requires UCID

IST strives to create a single user name and password environment for all user accounts. This single user name and password combination is your UCID (University Computing ID). The authentication systems that use the UCID include: The Residence Hall Network, The Public Network, and The Wireless Network. Additional information about your UCID and how to obtain it is available in the IST Getting Started Guide.

How to Authenticate with your Browser

The authentication mechanism is provided through a web interface.

  1. Start your preferred web browser. IE 7 or higher is preferred.
  2. Type your NJIT UCID in the User name Field
  3. Type your NJIT UCID password in the Password Field
  4. Click OK. You should now be authenticated.
To keep your password safe, we recommend you do not check the box to "Save this password in your password list."
If the "Enter Network Password" window reappears, verify that you have entered the correct UCID and password; this means you have provided an incorrect user name and password combination.
Last Updated: June 29, 2017