Xerox Copiers in Public Computing Labs

1. Swipe your student identification card in the card reader attached to the printer (see below). If you did not activate your UCID to print/copy please visit Xerox activation page.

2. Press the Use Copier button on the screen.

3. Press the Use Copier button when access is approved.

4. Press the E-mail button on the screen.

5. Click New Recipient and type in the E-mail address using the screen keyboard.

You can change the subject of the e-mail by clicking on the Subject button.

6. Load your document on the tray at the top of the Xerox machine.

7. Press the green Start button.

8. The E-mail will process and tell you when it is complete.

Your copied document have now been sent.

9. Press the Log In/Out button to log out on the machine.

10. Confirm log out by pressing Logout button on screen.

Last Updated: June 29, 2017