Printing with Google Cloud Print on Android Phones and Tablets

To print using Google Cloud Print requires these steps:

  1. After joining the NJITsecure wireless network download and install Google Cloud Print from the Google Play Store. Then go to Setting, Printing and turn on Google Cloud Print (this can be different on different versions of Android). 
  2. Login to the Google Chrome Browser with your NJIT UCID login (  under Settings) If you are previously logged in with another account log out of that and then login with your NJIT UCID login.
  3. Tap the Chrome menu   or   on the browser toolbar, select Print. If  PrintRelease is not already the default,  select the drop down triangle ​ then select PrintRelease (

Note: If the Print is not under Settings, click ion the Settings ->Share... and choose Print. Click on the Print button to print.

  1. Finally, go to any of the Konica/Xerox printers located in the Van Houten Library, Littman Library or PC Mall and swipe your NJIT Photo ID card to release your print job.

**Please note that Google Cloud Print will only work with Student Academic accounts**

Last Updated: January 15, 2019