Employee Online Payroll Submission

Timesheets for NJIT employees can now be submitted online via Highlander Pipeline. This new method will replace the paper forms used to report vacation, sick, and other time off categories. This new feature is part of the "Web for Employees" section within Highlander Pipeline. If this is your first time using this module, we urge you to print the PDF version of these instructions and have them available to you as you proceed.

Before you begin, please note the following:

  • You must be a full-time (salaried) employee. Part-time or hourly employees should not proceed.
  • Salaried employees are considered an “exception employee” for payroll time-reporting purposes. Your time is tracked only “on exception,” meaning, you will only have to enter time off, or hours that you did not work. You do not have to enter time for regular hours when you worked a full day.
  • Exception employees who had no time off (sick, vacation, jury duty, etc.) must still sign-on to the system to certify that they did not take any hours off.
  1. Go to http://my.njit.edu.

  2. In the "UCID:" field, enter your UCID. In the "Password:" field, enter your UCID Password and then click the Login button. If you do not know your UCID or forget your password, please click on the link for that on the Highlander Pipeline signon page.

  3. From the "My Pipeline" page, click on the "Faculty/Staff Services" tab.

  4. Click on "Employee Services."

  5. Click on "Payroll" and click on "Employee Time Input Entry" from the menu.

  6. Please enter your time off for the current pay period. Columns are pre-labeled for Vacation and Sick time. If you need another category for time off (e.g. Jury Duty) choose one of the remaining columns for that specific day and select the appropriate category from the Time Off drop down menu. Enter the hours in the column to the right. If you did not take any time off this period skip to step 7.


    • During summer hours please charge 8.75 hours for full vacation and sick days, and 7 hours for full personal days.
    • You will get a warning message for entering more than the daily regular hours assigned to your job. This is just a warning message; your time input will be recorded correctly.
    • You can enter any comments about your time-off for the pay period in the comments box.
    • Your session is going to time out if you remain idle too long during your time input. You will have to start over and check your input if you did not hit the submit button before your session timed out.

  7. When finished entering your time off, click Submit.

  8. Verify the Totals. If necessary, enter any changes to the specified hours and click Submit to update totals.


    • The totals will include only the time off hours and will not include the regular hours worked and the holiday hours.

  9. When you are sure that the information for the time period is complete, accurate, and ready for approval, please change Select Status to Complete and click Submit. If it is not yet ready, please leave Select Status as Incomplete and click Submit.

  10. When you are finished, click EXIT on the top right of the screen.


If you require technical support, please contact the Computing Helpdesk.

Last Updated: November 1, 2014