Highlander Pipeline (myNJIT)

Highlander Pipeline is NJIT's gateway to some networked information services. These services include registration, transcript, financial aid, billing services, email, Moodle, calendars, and information sites for each of your courses, among other services. Employees submit timesheets online through Highlander Pipeline. Details of all the services available are listed below. Highlander Pipeline is also used for important announcements and other news for the NJIT community. You are responsible for reading current bulletins in Highlander Pipeline. 

Highlander Pipeline is available at http://my.njit.edu. To access Highlander Pipeline, use your University Computing ID (UCID) and password. 

Some of the sections within Highlander Pipeline include but are not limited to:

My Pipeline


Announcements contain either "Personal" announcements or "Campus" announcements. Campus Wide announcements are general notifications and bulletins sent to everyone. Personal announcements are targeted specifically for you depending on your role at NJIT. For example, if you are a Junior, you may only receive announcements targeted towards Juniors. Similarly, depending on your major, you would only receive announcements targeted towards your major. Both types of announcements are important and you are responsible for reading them.

NJIT Newsroom

The NJIT Newsroom contains news and press releases about events and news items related to NJIT. This section contains not only NJIT internal news, but links to outside sources where NJIT is mentioned.

Student Services

Web for Students

The Web for Students section provides access to Banner Student. Banner allows students to view and/or update addresses, phone numbers, and next-of-kin information. Additional resources allow you to:

- Access information regarding name and SSN changes
- Register for classes
- Display your class schedule, holds, grades, transcripts, and degree audit
- Review your account summary and make tuition payments by credit card
- Review personal and general financial aid information
- Grant parent/guardian access to pay and view bills from the Bursar

Announcements for Students

The Announcements for Students section provides important news geared towards students.

Faculty/Staff Services


The Faculty section allows faculty to view their teaching schedule and class rosters with student names and addresses, and post grades.

For information on how to view and download your class roster, click here.


The Web for Employees section allows employees to view their personal, payroll, and fringe benefit information.  

Staff members can also post bulletins on Pipeline.  

Alumni Services

The Alumni Services section allows alumni to locate classmates, find NJIT alumni working in a particular business, advertise their own business, submit class notes for NJIT Magazine, update their personal information, or make a contribution to their alma mater.

Problems with Highlander Pipeline? Call the IST Service Desk (servicedesk.njit.edu).

Last Updated: June 27, 2018