Request Oracle and MySQL Access

Requesting an Account

Students, faculty, and staff can request an Oracle or MySQL account using the MyUCID Management website.  To request an account:

1. Go to

2. Select Manage Your UCID.


3. Enter your UCID username and click Next

4. Enter your UCID password and click SIGN IN.

5. Click on the REQUESTS tab.

6. Click the REQUEST ACCESS tab.

7. Select Accounts from the Access Catalog drop-down menu and click the NEXT button.

8. Select the account(s) you would like created (Oracle and/or MySQL) and click DONE.

9. Indicate how long you will need access. Note: We suggest clicking Permanent.

10. Click the SUBMIT REQUEST button.

Requests are automatically processed. After submitting your request you will need to follow these directions to reset your Oracle/MySQL password -



Last Updated: January 30, 2020