Office 2016 for Education

Microsoft Office 2016 for Education is a suite of applications that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, and InfoPath for use on a single PC.

Should I upgrade to Office 2016?

1. Do you have Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 with Touch Mode? If you do you will benefit from the upgrade.

2. Are you using an old version of Office - Office 2003 or 2007? If you do you will benefit from the upgrade since Microsoft is not going to support Office 2003 anymore. If you are using Office 2013 there is less or no reason to upgrade to Office 2016.

3. Do you often share your documents and collaborate? If you do you will benefit from the upgrade. Microsoft cloud storage (One Drive), and cloud applications (Office 365) allow collaboration in a real time. To find out more information about Office 365, and to create an account needed to access One Drive go here.

New Features in Office 2016

Do things quickly with Tell Me - Quickly get to features you want to use or actions you want to perform.
Work together in real time - Store your files online and share/edit them in a real-time with colleagues.
Smart Lookup - Powered by Bing opens definitions, Wiki articles, and top related searches from the web.
Ink equations - Include a complex math equation into your document or presentation.
New charts in Excel - Hierarchy Chart, Treemap, Sunburst, Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto, and Box and Whisker.
Ink Annotations - Use the tools on the new Draw tab to highlight a content of particular interest.
PowerPoint Designer - When you add a photo or other unique visual content, the Designer pane will open automatically with a variety of suggested visual treatments you can choose to apply to your slides.
Screen Recording in PowerPoint - Select a portion of your screen to record, capture what you need, and insert it directly into your presentation.​

Note: Office 2016 by default saves all files to the cloud storage - OneDrive. To learn how to change the default settings and save files to your computer hard drive or network drive go here. 

Support for Microsoft Office 2016

IST supports Microsoft Office 2016 for faculty, staff, and students - see the support page links listed at the bottom of this page. For additional questions, please contact the IST Service Desk. Office 2016 workshops are available to faculty, staff, and students. Register for a workshop

Office 2016 32-bit is the default version available because of its compatibility with most applications, especially third-party add-ins. Comparison information can be found here. You do not need the 64-bit version of Office 2016 simply because you may be using a 64-bit operating system. If you believe you require the 64-bit version of Office 2016 please contact the IST Service Desk.

Staff members can have Office 2016 installed on their computer, but the installation must be performed by an IST technician or a Service Desk associate. Please contact the IST Service Desk to schedule your Office 2016 installation.

Does my computer meet minimum requirements?

Compare your PC specifications to the minimum system requirements located here. The best way to check your system specifications is to use the Direct X System Diagnostic Tool. If your PC does not meet the minimum specifications, you cannot take advantage of Office 2016 at this time.

Microsoft Support Links for Office 2016

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Last Updated: August 25, 2017