iOS Devices - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Follow these instructions to configure and use VPN on iOS based devices such as iPhone and iPad. For any other information about VPN at NJIT, please click here.

Configuring iOS for VPN use

There are 2 options for connecting to the VPN through iOS:

Configuring VPN Natively in iOS

Tap Settings > General > Network > VPN > Add VPN Configuration

Select IPSec.

Then use the VPN settings for your device.

* Description = NJIT VPN
* Server =
* Account = "YOUR UCID"
* Password : Leave empty
* Use Certificate : Keep default (No certificate)
* Group Name = admin (if your are staff/faculty) or acad (if you are student)
* Secret = admit (if you are staff/faculty) or acad (if you are student)

* Leave Proxy option as default (Off)

Tap Save when you finish above settings. Then press the home button to go back to main screen.

Turning VPN on and off

Tap Settings. If you have configured VPN, you will see the option to turn VPN on or off. You will be prompted to enter your username (UCID) and password every time you connect.

Resolving connection issues

VPN will automatically disconnect when changing networks. This can occur automatically if you have a poor Wi-Fi or cellular signal. Also, some routers may block VPN. If you get disconnected frequently or have trouble connecting, try moving to a location with a better signal, or try disabling Wi-Fi. You may need to restart the VPN. If you are using a Wi-Fi-only iPad or an iPod Touch, do not disable Wi-Fi as that will completely disconnect you from the network.

If you are unable to connect due to a password problem, please click here to reset your password.


Configuring the Cisco Any Connect app

  • Download and let the app install. Click here to find the app in the Apple app Store.
  • Open the Cisco Any Connect app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Click the OK button
  • Click Add VPN Connection

  • Fill out the information according to the image below and click the Save button in the top right

  • If you get the following message you already have a VPN Connection named "NJIT" try renaming it "NJIT VPN" or "NJIT 2"

  • Slide the AnyConnect VPN switch from off to ON

  • For the "Username:" enter your UCID. For the "Password:" enter your UCID password.

  • You are now connected to the NJIT VPN.

Last Updated: August 24, 2017