Wireless Network

​NJIT has wireless networking throughout the NJIT campus. The network provides fast and simple access to various electronic resources. There are a number of authentication methods available through the use of various wireless “Network Names” or SSID’s.


  1. "NJITsecure" - Traffic is encrypted and users remain authenticated without having to reenter credentials (until their password is reset). The "NJITsecure" wireless network should be the "preferred" over the "NJIT" wireless network since it is a fully WPA2 encrypted client to access point network communication. Authenticate using your UCID and NJITDM or ACADEMIC password.
  2. "NJIT" – The “NJIT” network is an open, unencrypted network (password exchange during authentication is secure). Therefore, it is intended for guest usage or for temporary devices only. Authenticate using your UCID and UCID password. If your default home page starts with “https://” you will not be ask for your credentials. Therefore, you will need to go to http://www.njit.edu .
  3. "NJIThousing" – Available exclusively in the residence halls, this is a secure and encrypted wireless network. Authenticate using your UCID and NJITDM or ACADEMIC password.
  4. "eduroam" - Available to NJIT students, faculty, staff, and visitors from other participating institutions to connect securely to the internet. It does not allow access to NJIT's internal (intranet) network. To log in, use fully qualified account name including the domain in the format of xxx@njit.edu and active directory password. More about "eduroam".


Access for Alumni/Guests/Visiting Scholars

Computing Access for Alumni

Alumni can connect to the “NJIT” network using their UCID login and password. If they have forgotten their UCID login/password they must reset their password.

Example: An NJIT Alumni returns to campus for a young alumni event.  She knows her UCID and connects to “NJIT” using her smart phone.  


Wireless Guest Access

Wireless Guest Access allows visitors to connect to the “NJIT” network. Access is obtained by having the sponsor contact the IST Service Desk (servicedesk.njit.edu). Sponsors are encouraged to contact the Service Desk in advance of their event. Visitors that are under 18 will need written permission from a parent/guardian.

Example: NCE is hosting a career day and would like the visiting teachers to have access to the internet. They call the IST Service Desk and are provided a sheet that includes directions as well as a username and password which expires after the event.


Access for Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars are treated the same as employees. Before starting at NJIT, their sponsor fills out a Personal Action Form (PAF) at which point the Visiting Scholar and department can determine what account access will be required. If they are allocated a UCID and NJITDM account they will be able to access “NJITsecure”; otherwise they can access “NJIT”. 

Example: A Visiting Scholar will be at NJIT for a year teaching classes for CSLA.  It is determined that he will need a UCID.  After creating his UCID he will be able to connect to “NJITsecure”. 


Last Updated: June 28, 2018