NJIT - Identifiers

All NJIT Students, Faculty and Staff have three identifiers that allow them to access NJIT resources and authenticate to NJIT systems.

1. NJIT ID Number

Required to:

  • Create your UCID and UCID password.
  • Communicate with Academic and Administrative Departments.
  • Reset your password.
  • Identify during exams.

How to find it?

  • New Student: Recive their NJIT ID number with the acceptance letter.
  • Current Students/Faculty/Staff/Alumni: Go to Highlander Pipeline Portal, click on your name located on the top right corner.


Used to access most computing services on and off-campus. More information.

3. NJIT Photo Identification Card

Required to receive special campus services (i.e. library, gym, labs, etc) and access to certain buildings. ID cards should be carried at all times while on campus for identification purposes. More informaiton.


Last Updated: October 11, 2018