The Mission of Information Services & Technology


NJIT will be recognized as an innovator and leader for the pragmatic use of information technologies in higher education.


The Information Services and Technology (IST) Division at NJIT is dedicated to providing leadership for the innovative use of information technologies and to building and maintaining a customer-centered technology infrastructure in support of NJIT’s pursuit of excellence in education, research, economic development, and service.

We accomplish this mission by:

  • Listening to our customers’ needs
  • Evaluating and evolving our infrastructure to meet needs
  • Studying and understanding current technology, implying a continual educational process
  • Working as a team with others at NJIT and interacting with our peers within the state and the higher education community


  1. NJIT will use technology to create a learner-centered university experience to enhance and better enable the university’s endeavors in education, research, economic development and service.
  2. Members of the NJIT community will have universal access to the computing and information services available.  
  3. The university will provide a customer-centered and responsive support structure to best leverage technology investments.
  4. Planning will be on-goingintegrated into the university budget process, and engage our customers through appropriate advisory and governance structures.
Last Updated: June 29, 2017